Chinese Qigong Therapy

January 25, 2014
Yuan Shi Xin Qigong

“Qigong” is one of the ancient treasures of Chinese medicine with a documented history of three thousand years. In China, it has served as an “effective” means of medical treatment playing an active role in preventing and treating diseases, protecting and strengthening health, resisting premature senility and prolonging life. In ancient times, Qigong was called, […]

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Qigong Cancer Treatment: A PBS Special

May 31, 2013


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Tai Chi for Health

March 23, 2013
Tai Chi for Health DD

Our tai chi (taijiquan) programs are designed for the beginning practitioner of ALL ages and of ALL abilities! Our beginning program,  Simplified Yang Style 24 step Taijiquan, was developed in 1955 by Li Jingwu and Li Tianjin at the Martial Arts Department of the State Physical Culture And Sports Commission in Beijing, China. 24 forms […]

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Asian Bodywork Therapy

March 14, 2013
Asian Bodywork Pic for Website kuanyin

Your body is a field of energy, information, and intelligence, capable of perpetual healing, renewal and transformation……………………Deepak Chopra, M.D. According to the American Organization for Bodywork Therapy of Asia, “Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT) is the treatment of the human body, mind, spirit, including the electromagnetic or energetic field, which surrounds, infuses and brings that body […]

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Woman’s Qigong

March 14, 2013
Woman's Qigong
Nu Zi

Our Woman’s Qigong courses are a blend of qigong movement and self-massage (Nu Zi Qigong), Chinese face reading, and Mian Gong: Chinese beauty massage for the face. Nŭ Zì Qigong, women and girls qigong, was developed by Dr. Liu Yafei to improve the function of the female organism. The practice of woman’s qigong utilizes self-massage […]

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